Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall Photo Scavenger Hunt

Here are the results for the Fall Scavenger Hunt:

Fall Scenery by MeLissa

Family by MeLissa

Thank you to all of those who sent me pictures. I had so much fun looking at what you are doing this Fall.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Falling into Friday: Easy and affordable everyday fall makeup.

Fall Makeup, Fall eyes, Fall, Makeup, Eye shadow, Eye palette,      For this fall makeup look I used three different shades of eyeshadow from the same palette. I bought mine from Ross for around $7, its Profusion, the gold snakeskin pattern, but you can use any similar colors you have or find.

I used a light gold, a rusty reddish burnt plum color, and a medium dark brown. I put hearts on the colors I used from this palette.

     To begin, prime your eyelids with an eyelid primer. I used E.L.F. primer -$1 at target.
     Then put a light gold on the inner third of your eyes.
     Next, place the burnt plum color in the center of your lids, blending into the light gold.
     On the outer corner of your eyelid, pat the dark brown in a "V" shape, blending into the burnt plum and into the crease for extra depth and definition to the eye.

Finish the eyes with any black or chocolate brown eyeliner. I used Starlooks pencil in obsidian.
Fill in your eyebrows, I use any black eyeshadow I have laying around.
Add mascara. I used one I made myself. (I can do a future blog post on how to make your own mascara and gel eyeliner if anyone is interested.)

And Ta da!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Salted Caramel Mocha Recipe

This afternoon I made my first, but definitely  not my last, Salted Caramel Mocha. Johannes loves Fall just for this special treat at Starbucks. Salted Caramel Mochas are her favorite! I gave it a try and I think it was amazing. AND sooooo easy!

This recipe calls for just a few ingredients. I had all but one already in my pantry.  The directions are easy to follow. You will need a couple bowls, a coffee pot and I used a microwave.
This mocha is very rich with the baking cocoa in it.  Johannes said that some people might want to add more salt to the mixture.  This is a recipe I will be making for many years to come! YUM!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fall Photo Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt, Picture hunt, Photo Scavenger Hunt, Fall, Pictures
Let's play a game! While you are out and about today, take some pictures with your phone and send them to me. Let's see if we can get a picture of everything on the list.

Send them to me on Facebook, text, or email:

As I get them I will add the pictures to this post. Check back tonight and see how we did!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall decorations

Fall decorations, fall mantel,
I had fun decorating for Fall today. My goal was to use items I already had. I couldn't buy anything.

Sports themed decorations
Country Fall theme

Campfire Fall theme
Fall decor details
Not my favorite fall accent but....

Monday, September 23, 2013

9x13 dog cake

dog cake, 9x13 cake, creative cake, cake, fun cake, birthday cake
Dog cake:
-Bake 9x13 cake
-Cut cake into head, body, tail and legs
-Place pieces into dog shape and cover with a thin layer of frosting
-Cover dog in 'hair' using a round tip
-Decorate cake any way you want! I added a collar, grass, and flowers.

Dog cake, fun cake, creative cakes, cakes, scobby doo, scobby doo cake

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weekly Fitness Challenge

Here is the fitness challenge for this week. I want you to try something new. It can be a new sport or a new form of exercise. Print this sheet out and put it on your fridge. Mark off each item as you go.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Yard Sale Tips

Price Everything

·      Pricing everything leads to more reasonable negotiating and bargaining.
·      Some customers might not bother to ask the price and pass items by if they don’t see one.  Shoppers are often reluctant or scared off when prices are not stated, costing you a sale.
·      Utilizing pricing labels forces you to make pricing decisions before your customers arrive.  It is less confusing and you won’t feel rushed or pressured on the day of the sale.

Labeling Hints

·      Be consistent in where you place labels.  This makes it easier for shoppers.  Example: With clothing, place your price label on the clothing’s size tag.
·      For large items, make a small sign and put it on or near the item.  Include pertinent information on the sign if applicable…its age, material it’s made from, features, etc.
·      Small miscellaneous items can be grouped together and put in their own box or on their own shelf.  One sign can be used for these items.  Example: “All items in this box 10¢.”


            There is no magic formula for determining an item’s price.  Of course you want to sell an item for as much as it will bring, but just remember your customers want to purchase your item for as little as they can.  Most shoppers will not haggle or try to negotiate on low priced items.  Be aware, however, that haggling is an inherent ritual of garage sale shopping.  Always keep in mind that one reason for having your sale is to rid yourself of unwanted items and then price accordingly.
            A good rule of thumb is to price an item for about 20% of its original price.  Add 5% to 10% for items in great condition or in high demand such as children’s clothing, maternity apparel, tools, toys, and jewelry.  Deduct 5% to 10% for items in poor condition or with little demand such as adult clothing, bedding, books, etc.
            Antiques and collectibles are the exception.  It would be wise to have your antiques or collectibles examined by an appraiser.  You can also check the internet, library, or bookstore for one of the many guides on antiques and collectibles and their values.

Displaying Merchandise

            As you gather your merchandise, start thinking about how you are going to organize your sale in an attractive and orderly manner.  You will probably need tables, benches, boxes, blankets, clothes racks, etc.  Think about the kinds of merchandise you will be offering and the best way to display them.
·      Use boxes…for books, records, tapes, etc.
·      Use tables…for displaying items.  If you don’t have enough tables, and old door, plywood, or large boards on some sawhorses or buckets will work.
·      Use blankets…spread on the lawn.  This is a good way to display children’s toys and games.  Toys are a good motivator for getting people out of their car and into your garage.
·      Use racks…for clothing.  Racks can also be made by running a rope through the center of a pipe and hanging the rope from rafters in your garage or between two trees or step ladders.
            Move larger items out front towards the street…line your driveway.  Shoppers need to be able to see items from their car.  Make it worth their while to stop.

Start With a Plan:
·      It is important, when planning, to think about your family.  It always helps if family members understand what you are doing and why.  If they understand what’s going on, they are more apt to get involved.
·      Kids are more likely to help out by going through their toy chest or closet if they get part of the profits from selling their old toys.
·      Check everywhere for possible sale items…from the basement to the attic, and everywhere in between.  to through every room and closet.  And don’t forget the garage, the shed, and the car trunk.  Even worn and broken items will sell when priced right.
·      As you start gathering items, clean and repair them.  (Items that look nice will sell for a higher price.)


            You should know quickly if your prices are fair.  If you’re not selling much or customers are negotiating prices way down, you’ve probably priced your goods too high.  To remedy the situation, make a large sign saying “25% OFF.”  No need to re-price your individual items.  Be sure to have a calculator handy.
            To ensure you sell as much as possible, thus avoiding having to haul your items back into the house after the sale, it is worthwhile to consider gradual price discounts as the day(s) goes by.  Example: On the second day of a 2-day sale, take 50% off all items (exceptions allowed if clearly marked).  You could even place some very-hard-to-sell items in a box and label it “FREE.”

Day of Sale

            Remember no matter what time you say you’ll start your sale, someone will be there early.  Consider these points…
·      You will need change.  As a general rule of thumb, $50 usually is a sufficient amount for cash on hand.  $2 in nickels, $3 in dimes, $10 in quarters, $35 in bills.
·      An extension cord should be available to test electrical items.
·      Put up signs if you did not do so the night before.
·      Plan lunch for you and your co-workers.
·      Never leave money in plain view and don’t keep too much on hand.  Take it inside the house and hide it in a safe place.
·      Cash is best, but if you decide to accept checks, ask for a driver’s license.
·      Guard your merchandise.  Keep a watchful eye on jewelry, watches, and cameras.  Treat them like cash, so they don’t just walk off.
·      Guard your house.  Remember you are having a garage sale, not an open house.  You should not allow anyone to enter your house to use the restroom or to make a phone call.  Suggest a nearby gas station.
·      Have fun.  Enjoy yourself and your customers.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Summer to Fall. How to: transition your summer wardrobe for fall

 How to: transition your summer wardrobe for fall, fall wardrobe, summer wardrobe, 2013 fashion, fall fashionSUMMER TO FALL.  by Johannes
      Whether you're tight on money or you just really want to wear your favorite summer pieces during the colder months, this will give you some pointers and tips on how to transition your summer clothes into the fall.

     Outfit number one, is a dressier outfit for summer. I kept it simple with a white dress from Rainbow- $10. Some brown wedges from Avon- $35. And a leopard print scarf from Rue 21-$9.99
The dress has brown buttons on the collar, is off the shoulder with brown braided straps and a matching brown leather braided belt.

 For fall: I put some black tights on underneath, removed the brown belt and added a black blazer with padded shoulders for some structure(Rainbow-$3 on sale) and a white knit beanie to keep my head warm from$3. For shoes I put on black four inch wedges. Ross-$25.
     Outfit number two is a more casual laid back day look. Don't be afraid to mix pattern and color! My strapless black and white polka dot top with boning is from Rue 21-$21. My pink jeans are also from Rue 21-$20. And my shoes are just classic Hi-top Converse All stars- $55. For that bit of sparkle and an edge,my necklace ($16) and studded bracelet($8) are from Claire's.

For Fall: I switched out my converse for some warmer faux leather studded boots for an edgier look. Rue 21-$3 on sale. yes, $3. My cream faux leather jacket is from Rainbow-$25.You could easily throw on any cardigan you have if you prefer something less heavy but living in Colorado, it gets chilly early.

You don't have to spend a ton of money on your clothes. I like to invest more in my shoes than anything else but when you find a gem like my studded boots for so cheap you simply can't pass them up! 
 How to: transition your summer wardrobe for fall, fall wardrobe, summer wardrobe, 2013 fashion, fall fashion

Healthy Living Bible Study

Let me know if you are interested in joining the group so I can give you more information. If you live too far away to join us in person, let me know and I can give you the handouts I will be giving out. You can also do the workouts online and read the book.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Texting etiquette

When we were kids, we used to call each other just to talk. Now, texting is the ‘call’ of this generation. Technology is great. As we improve these areas of technology we need to make sure we are keeping up with the etiquette that goes with it.  

Remember that cell phones are not a right but a privilege. They are a lot of fun but they can cause a lot of problems. Anything you text can be used against you for the rest of your life.  

Texting is a fun, easy way to stay in touch, but relationships are better built face-to-face.

Parents, you are the best role model for your teen. Make sure you are using proper texting etiquette.