Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fall Fashions


Fall is almost here!
I am ready for the cool crisp air and the warm clothes.
 Women will want to look for fitted, Black leather jackets.  They can be worn with skinny jeans for casual and I also notice some peplem shirts worn under the jacket for the office. 

Another trend is white lacey dresses shown in the this photo. This seems to be holding on from the summer, just add a jean jacket or leather coat. I think some tall boots would look really cute with this dress.
Cutouts will also be popular this fall. Notice the cutouts on the two dresses in the back. I would never wear this or recommend that you wear this.

Teens will still enjoy their leggings and  printed tees for fall.  Flannels/Plaids are back!

Watch for these patterns in light weight fabrics.  They will continue to be a trend this fall.

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