Sunday, September 15, 2013

How to Contour the face

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Contouring your face emphasizes attractive features and deemphasizes the imperfections, like dark spots or acne. Contouring is not meant to remake your image or make you into someone else, it is meant to bring out your own natural beauty.

Contouring is done using a lighter color (often called an illuminator or highlighter) and a darker color (often a bronzer) than your natural face. Highlighting with the lighter color emphasizes features while shadowing with the darker color makes features less noticeable or smaller.

Contouring, contour, contour your face, makeup, foundation

Contouring the nose makes the nose appear slimmer. Highlighting the cupids bow (the middle of your top lip) makes your lips appear fuller and more youthful. Placing highlighter on the top of the cheek bones gives you a natural dewy glow that catches the light when you turn your face, while placing bronzer in the hollows of your cheeks makes your face slimmer and less pale. Illuminating your forehead with the highlighter brings out your eyes, while bronzing the temples of it makes it appear smaller and more tanned and radiant. Placing bronzer on the jaw line brings it out and separates the face from the neck making the neck appear skinner.

Make sure to blend the jaw lines’ contour and your normal foundation onto the neck so coloring is consistent and you don't look like you’re wearing a mask!

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