Thursday, October 31, 2013

YOUR Halloween Costumes

Show off your Halloween costumes. I will be updating every few hours so check back to see your picture here! Send them to me on Facebook or

Q. Why did the mummy get a headache? A. Because he was GOBLIN his candy!

Q. What did the skeleton order with his drink? A. A mop.

Q. What pants do ghosts wear?
A. BOO jeans. 

 Q. What is the problem with two twin witches? A. You never know which witch is which!

 Q. What kind of mail does a superstar vampire get? A. Fang mail.

Q. What did the mummy ghost say to the noisy young ghost who kept interrupting? A. "Spook when you're spooken to."

Q. What key opens a Haunted House? A. A spooKEY!
 Q. Who did Dracula bring to the prom? A. His ghoul friend.
Q. What is a skeleton's favorite instrument? A. The trombone.
Q. What does a bird say at Halloween? A. "Twick or tweet."
  Q. Where do baby ghosts go when their mom goes to work?
A. A scare center!

 Q. What is Dracula's favorite fruit? A. A nectarine.
Q. What does a panda ghost eat? A. Bam-BOO!
Q. What is a mummy's favorite type of music? A. Rap music.
Q. What did one casket say to the other casket? A. "Is that you coffin?" (coughing)
Q. Why wasn't there any food left after the monster party? A. Because everyone was a goblin!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Weekly workout and Accountability challenge

Another video from Cancun. I think Phil and I need to go back so I can make some more expense?

healthy bingo, fitness bingo, fitness, healthy, health, fun health, healthy living
Weekly Accountability challenge. I changed this up from the last time. Its a little bit harder. Let me know who gets BINGO first. Second place will go to the person who has a black out card! Go for it!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fun lunch bags

Fun lunch bags, lunch bags, kids lunch, school lunch, lunch box
Show your kids or spouse you love them by decorating their lunch bag. I went on Pinterest and found some cute sayings that I thought Johannes would enjoy. She is in Cosmetology School so I found quotes that dealt with cutting hair to amuse her.  I used my artistic abilities or lack of artistic abilities to decorate the bags. 
Remember you don't have to be the best at drawing or decorating to make an impression. They will appreciate that you are doing your best to be encouraging and positive.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall Leaf sugar cookies

fall leaf sugar cookies, fall cookies, cookies, sugar cookies

These Fall Leaf sugar cookies are some of my favorite. I love making them and people seem to enjoy looking and tasting them. They are so festive.

I made the sugar cookies using this recipe:
cutout sugar cookie recipe, sugar cookie, cutout cookies
fall leaf sugar cookies, fall cookies, cookies, sugar cookies

Before rolling out the dough, divide the dough into fourths. Tint one section red, one yellow, one green and leave the fourth section white. I use gel food coloring in the containers rather than liquid. It seems to hold the color better.

fall leaf sugar cookies, fall cookies, cookies, sugar cookies I tried two different ways to create my textured look. The first way I tried was to roll out a bunch of small balls of each color of dough. This worked but didn't create the look I was hoping for.
The second way I experimented with was to roll out a thick solid color and then add the tiny sections of each other color. This worked well for me.
fall leaf sugar cookies, fall cookies, cookies, sugar cookies Give each a try and let me know what works for you. Make sure to save some of each color or dough back so you have a fresh color on top and not the muddy brown of all the colors combined.

  I then cut out the leaves fall leaf sugar cookies, fall cookies, cookies, sugar cookies
                                                                                     and dipped them in white sprinkles.
fall leaf sugar cookies, fall cookies, cookies, sugar cookies
                                           Baked them and then ate them! YUM!

Below are what these cookies look like when I frost them for an arrangement.
fall leaf sugar cookies, fall cookies, cookies, sugar cookies

Friday, October 25, 2013

Are you ready for Halloween?

Halloween Costumes, DIY Halloween, Skeleton, Vampire, Flo, Lego

Click the underlined name of the costume to see the blog about how to put the costume together.

Lego Man- you will need a box, bucket, and solo cups.

Flo-You will need a white apron, blue headband, and lots of makeup

Skeleton- Black shirt and leggings, and white printout of skeleton

Vampire-Black cape, green face paint, and black eyeliner

Halloween Makeup, Scarecrow makeup, Leopard makeup, Halloween
 Scarecrow Costume- You will need a plaid shirt, jeans, boots and red eye makeup and eye liner.
 Doll- Red glitter for lips and eye lids. Lips drawn on in the shape of a heart. A big headband bow on top would be cute.
Leopard-You will need black eye liner and brown eye liner.

Thursday, October 24, 2013



H&M opened in Colorado Springs today. I AM SO EXCITED! Johannes and I have been waiting for them to open a store here so that we don't have to go all the way to Denver to shop there.

H & M stands for Hennes & Mauritz AB is a Swedish multinational retail-clothing company, known for its fast-fashion clothing for men, women, teenagers and children. H&M exists in 43 countries and as of 2011 employed around 94,000 people.

We arrived at the store several hours after the grand opening and the party was still going strong. There was a DJ entertaining the crowd and everyone seemed to be happy to be there. In fact the line to buy things was completely full and into the kids department.

We found a few items we were interested in, but decided we didn't want to wait in line for that long. We are going to go back later to purchase them.

If you get a chance, go check out H&M. It was fun to see all the trendy clothes.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fun circuit workout you can do at home. Plus the weekly challenge.

Fun circuit workout you can do at home. Plus the weekly challenge.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

DIY Scarecrow Costume

DIY Scarecrow Costume, Scarecrow, Halloween Costume,

DIY Scarecrow Costume, Scarecrow, Halloween Costume, This is an easy Do-It-Yourself Scarecrow Costume for Halloween. All that is needed is a: Plaid shirt, Cowboy Hat, Jeans, Boots, Black Eye Liner, and Red makeup.

DIY Scarecrow Costume, Scarecrow, Halloween Costume,

A scarecrow us a decoy in the shape of a human.  They are usually dressed in old farm clothes and placed in an open field to discourage birds/crows from disturbing and feeding on the seed or growing crops.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Face shape haircuts

haircut for face shapes, face shape, hair cut, haircut, face shape haircut

The basic principle used in figuring out the correct hairstyle is to create the illusion of the oval face. 

Hairstylist should design the hairstyle for the client based on their face shape. To figure out face shapes, check out my blog here. Figuring out face shapes will help enhance positive features and minimize negative features.

haircut for face shapes, face shape, hair cut, haircut, face shape haircut

Friday, October 18, 2013

Candy Corn Cookies

Candy Corn Cookies, cookies, halloween cookies
Every one loved these Candy Corn Cookies. They were nice and fluffy and small, two bite cookies.

#1-Make any sliceable Sugar Cookie recipe.
#2-Split into thirds. Tint one yellow, one orange and leave on white.
#3-Fit wax paper to a loaf pan and spray with PAM.
#4-Press the white sugar cookie dough into the bottom of the pan.
#5-Next press the orange dough on top of the white.
#6- Press the yellow dough on top of that.
#7- Freeze for several hours.
#8-When solid, take out of freezer. Pull the dough up and out of the loaf pan using the wax paper.
#9-Cut long strips off the dough and then cut into triangles to form candy corn shape.
#10-Press one side of cookie into sugar or white sprinkles.
#11-Bake at 375 for 7-10 minutes.