Thursday, October 10, 2013

The APPLE of Temptation

 Last week my friend Shauna and I decided to do a cleanse.  

I felt like I needed a new perspective on food. It seemed like I was getting into the habit of just popping food into my mouth without even thinking about it. I felt like I was in bondage to my gluttony.

Its just a little bit like the story of the Garden of Eden.  It seemed like out of all the “trees” I only wanted to eat off the “tree” that I wasn’t supposed to eat off of. I didn’t want the clean/ healthy stuff that I should be eating. I only wanted the processed sugary stuff. I needed to break myself of the habit I had gotten in to.

Shauna suggested we do the 7 Day Cleanse.  

Day 1 eat only fruits, all that you want.  I mostly ate from the Melon family.

Day 2 was Vegetables and one baked potato for breakfast.
Day 3 I ate veggies and fruit.
Day 4 I ate 8 Bananas and 3 cups of Milk.
Day 5 I ate 20 oz of lean beef and 6 tomatoes.
Day 6 was all the lean beef and veggies I wanted.
Day 7, which was Saturday, I ate Brown rice, fruit juices and vegetables. 
Any time during the week I could also eat this ‘wonder soup’ of cabbage, onions, tomatoes, and celery, and 10 cups of water each day. It was a hard week but I did it.

The cleanse ‘promised’ a 10-17 pound weight loss. I only lost 5 pounds but I was ok with that because I learned so much through this cleanse.

The first day my tummy growled and I almost didn’t know what it was. It had been so long since I felt genuine hunger. Guess what? I actually got used to that feeling and didn’t die.
I also experienced the power God gives us when we don’t think we can do something. There were several times that the circumstances set me up to fail. I learned that God is in control. He gave me the power to overcome what I was experiencing. Sometimes I forget He still can use His power to do something for us.

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