Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Skin Cancer Surgery

I have skin cancer. I tested positive for Melanoma in my leg. 

Monday I had the melanoma removed from my leg. They told me it was a simple surgery, but that it would save my life. It really was a simple surgery. They removed a 2" by 1" piece of skin and the fat below it in the shape of a diamond, and then stretched the skin back closed and stitched it together.
The round hole is where they took the biopsy that tested positive for cancer.

I actually got to watch the surgery. It was very interesting. Phil watched part of it, but I will let you ask him how that went!!!

I haven't been in as much pain as I thought I would be in. Its more of an achy, burning sensation. I am taking it easy though.  The skin is stretched so tight that too much stress on the incision would increase the scar or possibly pull the stitches.

The doctor says no lower body exercise for the next 3-4 weeks. Stitches come out next Friday (12 days after surgery).
If all goes as planned, no radiation or chemo will be needed.

The bruising has gotten worse since this picture was taken.
I also have another spot on my back that tested Severely Atypical (meaning "close to being cancerous"). When I get the stitches taken out of my leg they will take care of my back the same way.

I am praising God for the Doctor who found this melanoma early. I am so thankful that she saved my life.

I also feel very blessed to have such great friends and family who are taking care of me. Thank you for the food, flowers, prayers, and running errands for me. I really appreciate your help!

Do you have skin cancer? What should I look for when examining moles and skin irregularities?