Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Happy 'Familiversary'!

Today marks the one year anniversary of Johannes moving in with us. We call it our “Familiversary.” 

To commemorate this occasion, Johannes and I got our Industrial Bar piercing. I have always wanted to get my Industrial Bar. I am so glad I did because of what it represents.

To me it tells the story of our family. There were two holes that were missing something. One represents Phil and I and the other represents Johannes. Phil and I had a hole in our lives that needed to be filled by a child.  Johannes had an opening for parents. We waited 15 years until God made the connection between us and Johannes--just like the bar that connects the piercings.  One year ago today she joined us in our home.

Thank you Johannes for filling that empty part of our lives. Phil and I are so happy to count you as part of our family.  We have had so many memorable moments, and I can't wait to have more. 

I know that my parents will threaten to take me out of their will, but I’m sure they will forget sometime. Right?

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