Friday, October 4, 2013

Pumpkin Flowers

This week my husband bought me two Mums. I don't have any flower pots to plant them in so I had to get creative. This is what I came up with. (Thank you pinterest!) I think they turned out so cute!

Here's how I created these pumpkin flowers:
  • I wanted to keep the Mums in their pots for now so I drew around the pot to show where to cut out.
  • Then I had my husband cut it out for me. He's a nice guy so he did that.
  • Then being the nice guy that he is, he dug all the grossness out.
  • After that, I soaked the pumpkins in 1 gallon water with a few Tablespoons of bleach in it for 4 hours. I heard this is supposed to help preserve them. We will see. I have never done that before.
  • After 4 hours I rinsed them out and put the flowers inside.  I also wrapped burlap around them for decoration. 
  • The last step was to place them at the entrance of our house.

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