Monday, October 14, 2013

Halloween Snacks

Frankenstein Fingers
Nutter Butters dipped in Royal Frosting tinted green. Let dry. Using a 4 tip, pipe black royal frosting into a toe nail. Let dry.

Place a dot of black royal frosting on top of Oreo. Dip donut in white royal frosting. Place donut on top of the Oreo. When dry, add hair (3 tip) and face (1 tip) with black royal frosting. Let dry.

Eye Ball
Dip the top of the vanilla wafer in white royal frosting. Let dry. Pipe vein with red royal frosting using a 1 or 2 tip. Using a 3 tip, pipe a small dot and place a chocolate chip on top. Let dry.

Dip nutter butter in white royal frosting. Add two tiny chocolate chips for eyes. Let dry.


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