Thursday, October 17, 2013

How to shampoo your hair.

by Kristin Hankins

Realizing a lot of my friends don't know why or how to wash their hair!

1.Use a professional product that a professional personally recommended to you for YOUR hair. Just do it.
 2. Professional products are concentrated, meaning you don't need much! I have the thickest hair of anyone I know, and I've only used about a quarter at most, when my hair was looooooooooong.

3. Ok let's do this! Get your hair wet with warm, not hot, water. Like really, REALLY wet.

4. Add a dime to a nickel size amount of shampoo, and apply to roots starting in front (or wherever is dirty/sweaty). If it doesn't lather up, swipe it under the water quickly again, and rub a dub dub.
5. Rinse VERY VERY WELL. And rinse again. The purpose of shampoo is to open the cuticle of the hair and clean it out. Your hair should not feel super soft, it should feel clean. It should not be squeaky. If it is super dry and squeaky clean, you did not follow step 1.
6. SQUEEZE your hair out REALLY REALLY well! As much as you can. Even if your hair is an inch long (yes you men need to keep reading, too).
7. Apply a dime to nickel of conditioner from the middle of each hair downward. I like to take a ponytail and apply down from there, well, when I had a ponytail Then use your fingertips and comb through your hair while it is covered in conditioner.
8. No need to let it soak in. If the shampoo cleaned it off, it will absorb what it needs from the conditioner and the rest will wash away. Does not apply if you did not follow #1. Rinse. Rinse again. Rinse again with as cool water as comfortable. This helps seal down the cuticle and add shine.

9. If you did this well, your hair shouldn't really be tangled. Comb through with your fingers and style as usual. If you have curly hair, please ONLY comb through with your fingers, or use a comb or brush BEFORE you wash. Do NOT rub your hair with a towel, but squeeze or pat dry.

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