Friday, October 25, 2013

Are you ready for Halloween?

Halloween Costumes, DIY Halloween, Skeleton, Vampire, Flo, Lego

Click the underlined name of the costume to see the blog about how to put the costume together.

Lego Man- you will need a box, bucket, and solo cups.

Flo-You will need a white apron, blue headband, and lots of makeup

Skeleton- Black shirt and leggings, and white printout of skeleton

Vampire-Black cape, green face paint, and black eyeliner

Halloween Makeup, Scarecrow makeup, Leopard makeup, Halloween
 Scarecrow Costume- You will need a plaid shirt, jeans, boots and red eye makeup and eye liner.
 Doll- Red glitter for lips and eye lids. Lips drawn on in the shape of a heart. A big headband bow on top would be cute.
Leopard-You will need black eye liner and brown eye liner.

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