Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Football Widow

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Are you a football widow? A lot of women lose their husbands to the couch, remote and the tv for the entire football season.  How can you deal with this syndrome and still enjoy some time with your husband? I asked a few men what they would like their wives to do or not to do during a football game. These are their responses:

JOE-This is hard because my wife likes football. Not at the same level I do, but that's fine. We like different teams, but the friendly rivalry is fun

PHIL-I would imagine for a couple who do not share this or any particular interest, it has to start with a mutual respect for our differences and interests. Anyone who chooses to be loving will be at least mildly interested in what their spouse enjoys. **Specific idea: be happy when his team does well. You don't have to match his enthusiasm, but definitely don't criticize it.

STEPHEN-As long as I get to watch the game...who cares!

MIKE- Advice for this is like everything else in your marriage. Marriage is two unique individuals that God brought together—key words "unique individuals."  So enjoy each other’s differences and don't try to make that a bad thing.  Unless one takes the enjoyment of any particular activity more seriously than the marriage itself; then there is an "idol" problem.

Mike goes on to say that his wife enjoys doing crafts or hanging out with other women during the game. He is perfectly fine with his wife asking questions but mostly he says, she doesn’t care about the game and its perfectly fine with him.

I enjoy watching sports with my husband, but sometimes I want to do my own thing. Sometimes I go shopping, read a magazine, make cookies to snack on, or just take a nap. When I want to watch the game I enjoy connecting with him.  I might cheer for his team and ask questions to show my interest.

If you are really lost during football I would suggest watching the highlights on the news. Figure out a few key players and teams and focus learning some things about them. You will be able to carry on a conversation better while watching the game.  This year I joined a fantasy football league. It has really helped me have something to cheer for while watching the game. 
Me annoying my husband while he is trying to watch the game!

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  1. BTW, I wasn't seriously annoyed. Just concentrating. :-) I like the fact that we can enjoy football together.