Thursday, September 12, 2013

Easy clown fish cake

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Who is that person and why is she fully dressed, in a pool, holding a fish cake? Oh yes, that crazy lady is me!  Why not get in a pool to show off such a cute cake? Fish swim in water, RIGHT?

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1-Here are the directions for making this cake. Make a cake in an 8x8 or 9x9 cake pan. If you are using a boxed cake, look at the measurements of the pan you will need and maybe only make half of the batter. Bake at the recommended temperature.
2-Let cool and cut the cake into a football shape, 2 little triangles and 1 bigger triangle.
3-Tint frosting into white, orange and black.
4-Using white frosting make stripes.
5-Add orange frosting everywhere not covered with white, sides too!
6-Put black frosting in a Ziplock baggie, cut off a small piece of the corner. Carefully squeeze the black frosting to make highlight the stripes.

clown fish cake, fish cake, cake, creative cake, fun cake

 Congratulations you made a cute cake!

Now sit back and enjoy it!  "Heads or tails?"

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