Friday, September 27, 2013

Falling into Friday: Easy and affordable everyday fall makeup.

Fall Makeup, Fall eyes, Fall, Makeup, Eye shadow, Eye palette,      For this fall makeup look I used three different shades of eyeshadow from the same palette. I bought mine from Ross for around $7, its Profusion, the gold snakeskin pattern, but you can use any similar colors you have or find.

I used a light gold, a rusty reddish burnt plum color, and a medium dark brown. I put hearts on the colors I used from this palette.

     To begin, prime your eyelids with an eyelid primer. I used E.L.F. primer -$1 at target.
     Then put a light gold on the inner third of your eyes.
     Next, place the burnt plum color in the center of your lids, blending into the light gold.
     On the outer corner of your eyelid, pat the dark brown in a "V" shape, blending into the burnt plum and into the crease for extra depth and definition to the eye.

Finish the eyes with any black or chocolate brown eyeliner. I used Starlooks pencil in obsidian.
Fill in your eyebrows, I use any black eyeshadow I have laying around.
Add mascara. I used one I made myself. (I can do a future blog post on how to make your own mascara and gel eyeliner if anyone is interested.)

And Ta da!

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