Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Prank on PHIL!

I finally did it! I pulled a prank over on Phil! He is always getting Johannes and I, but I did it! I saw this really cute "sponge" cake on pinterest and thought I would give it a try.  Here are the directions:

Pranks, jokes, Fake sponge cake, funny
Step 1- You will need two car wash sponges.  Dab a little bit of frosting on the plate and then put the first sponge on top.  The frosting will secure the sponge to the plate. Add a little more frosting to the top of the first sponge and add the second sponge on top.

Step 2- Frost your sponges with any kind of frosting. Make sure you have enough to make the frosting thick. Mine was a little thin and you could see the two "layers" of the cake.  More frosting would hide that.

Step 3- Decorate your cake. I used lost of sprinkles on top because we love sprinkles in our house.  Make sure you have a cake knife to cut your cake and plates ready for each person.  This makes your prank a little more believable.

Enjoy the fun of watching the pranked person try to cut the cake.  It just doesn't work!

Last step.... Make a REAL cake to enjoy.