Friday, September 6, 2013

Face shapes

Yesterday my hair dresser cut my hair in a new style for the fall. Its going to take some getting used to, but as you can see, I am enjoying playing with it. My only wish is that I would have left one side of my bangs longer.  I feel like I need something at cheek length with my face shape. Maybe as it grows I can do that.

Want to know your face shape? Figure out your face shape by answering the questions below:
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 After answering the questions, let's figure out your face shape.

Oblong-longer than wide with a rounded chin
Round- Length and width of face is almost the same.  Widest at the cheeks.
Long- Length of face is longer than width.
Square- Forehead, cheeks and jawline are almost the same width.
Heart- Face narrows at chin. Pointy chin. Prominent forehead.
Diamond- Widest at temples. Angular face.

In a future post we will discuss what hairstyles work best for your face shape. Stay tuned!!
oblong face shape is that the face is longer than it is wide with a rounded jaw-line. - See more at:
oblong face shape is that the face is longer than it is wide with a rounded jaw-line. - See more at:


  1. haha yes!! Also I find it easiest to find face shape by holding something up to "draw lines" on your face: temple to cheek bones, cheek bones to jaw line. If the angles are reversed around the cheek bones, you're a diamond. If it's pretty straight all the way down, you're fairly square. If the top goes in at the temples but straight or out to the jaw, you're a pear. In towards the jaw and out towards the temples means you're a heart! If part of your face goes out beyond the lines, you're most likely the ideal face shape--oval! :)

    Kristin the hairstylist

    1. Kristin, I also heard that if you look in the mirror and use lipstick or eye liner and draw around your face reflection in the mirror you can tell your face shape when you set away. Interesting.