Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bomb threat at school

Yesterday our daughter’s school was evacuated because of a bomb threat.  Johannes found out about the threat while on the bus returning to school from Cosmetology school. After arriving at the school the bus was filled with 1st graders and Johannes.  She isn’t sure why she had to ride with a bunch of 1st graders.  The students were taken to a local church where they sat and waited for several hours to meet up with their parents. 
We drove past the school and they had security guards all over the entrances.  So we drove over to the church to pick up Johannes. This church is HUGE and the parking lot was almost completely full. 
We received a piece of paper to fill out so we could prove who we were.  We also were required to have our ID.  Phil gave an interview to a local new channel. He did a great job. 
We spent the next hour listening to a lady slowly read off names of students.  Finally they just let us go in and get our students.
Police did not find anything suspicious in the school.

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