Saturday, December 7, 2013

Teach your children to give this Christmas.

I asked a few parents what they did to encourage their children to give during the holiday season.  Here are their responses. 

“We're all about giving presents all year long. To start, we want to care about what God cares about, and the only things that last: God, His Word, and People!!” --Kristin

 “Last Christmas we didn't give each other gifts since we all have more than enough already, but spent time together picking out material and making blankets we sent to be given to the family the Struska Family built a house for in Mexico.” --Dale

“As the kids grew older, and even while they were young, we taught them that time was valuable and something that could be given as well even if they had no money. We packed boxes for Operation Christmas Child and would go to the dollar store to pick out items to donate. We have also given to children in Haiti as well.
Thoughtfulness is always key and homemade items are deeply treasured. Simply cooking a meal for the family or cleaning up after a meal. Small acts of kindness go a long way. Sometimes the most inexpensive gifts are the ones that hold our memories longer than the big expensive items.” --Jamie

“We have always included our kids in day to day giving, so they have become natural givers...(they see us helping homeless with tangible goods or like Gary who lives with us) often Lorelai will have me take her home to get chore money so that she can give it to a needy person. As far as holiday gifts go we generally take them shopping one on one and have a date night.  We'll talk about their sibling and their likes/dislikes and pick out a gift together...” --Katy

“My girls are very excited to play Secret Santa every year. On Thanksgiving, we draw names with our family.  Sometimes we go shopping or sometimes we do shopping online and wait for the packages. They do their own wrapping. It's truly a highlight of the season for them!” --Leslie

“Since Travis has a larger family and there are 8 cousins, each child draws a name of a cousin and then gets to buy a present. The kids love to watch the cousin they drew open the gift.” --Kendra

Take the time to do something for someone else this Christmas season. Do something as a family. Be a good role model for your children!

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