Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How importatnt is it for women to pass down what they know to their children?

 I have been taking a class on Women's Health and Fitness to renew my personal trainers license. I always knew that the older women were supposed to teach the younger women about being a wife, mother, etc, but this book is showing how important passing on that knowledge is. Women hold an huge role in helping our families and communities grow stronger, healthier, and wiser

 Have you noticed that health related advertising is pointed toward women? Notice next time you see a band aid or cough syrup commercial. Who are they focusing on?

Women who have learned health related things will pass this information on their families and communities. Yale economics professor T. Paul Schultz says that when developing nations spend more money educating girls than boys, the rate of return is higher. Birthrates drop, overall health increases, and the spread of AIDS drops. Educated mothers are more likely to have educated children. This promotes a stronger economy.

As women we need to learn about our health and health in general. We then need to pass this down to our children. 


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