Sunday, December 8, 2013

Ginger Bread Houses

 Our gingerbread house tradition started at our wedding. Phil and I were married on December 20th so we had to have a Christmas wedding. At our reception we had centerpieces of gingerbgread houses. We had a Christmas tree with gingerbread men hanging on the branches. One lucky person at each table won the gingerbread houses and everyone enjoyed a gingerbread man off the tree. Then the fun began when Santa Clause and Mrs. Clause showed up.
There are several places online that offer free printable gingerbread house patterns.

This is my favorite gingerbread recipe. For gingerbread men I only bake for 8 minutes. This makes them soft and chewy. For the Gingerbread houses I bake for 12 minutes so they are alittle bit harder and hold together better.  

I use a pizza butter to cut the dough. For me it works  better than a knife.

I use a dry paint/pastry brush to dust off the cookie.

Royal Icing is an icing for decorating cookies that dries hard. It’s easy too…it only takes 3 ingredients: 3 T meringue powder, 6 T warm water and 4 cups powdered sugar.

Use canned soups to hold the sides in place until dry if needed.

Make sure sides are dry before adding the roof.

Start decorating. My goal is to only use edible items I have around the house.

This is my finished Gingerbread house. I love it. I had so much fun!

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