Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Tradition

LeFleur Family Tradition:  Soup on Christmas Eve
My Mom, Grandma, Grandpa Smith, and Uncle Larry
My Mom remembers her Grandma Pitsenbarger hosting the Christmas meal after the Kids Program on Christmas Eve. My grandma would start the soup before everyone opened presents after the program.

I remember we would have two kinds of soups growing up. My sister and I always choose Potato Soup. My parents (probably my Dad) would choose oyster or clam chowder. My sister and I always were grossed out by the chowder...I still think its gross!

Struska Family Tradition: Cookies on the Christmas Tree
Struska family making Christmas cookies in Mexico last year.
Phil’s Mom told me that the tradition of putting cookies on the Christmas tree started the year they were married. They couldn’t afford anything to put on their tree so she made cookies to decorate.  She said they like it so they stuck with it throughout the years. 

The Christmas cookies are made with a hole in the top to put string through. Then everyone helps decorate the cookies. Now, as a professional cookie decorator, they look terrible. But that just adds to the tradition. The uglier they are, the better they are!  These cookies are completely COVERED in frosting, chocolate chips, silver balls, etc. The silver balls are always split. 

The cookies hang on the tree overnight and then on Christmas morning you eat the cookies off the tree for breakfast. Hot cocoa is served out of  Santa mugs. Grandpa reads the Christmas story and then the opening of presents begins. (oh ya, watch out for the wrapping paper war)

What are your Christmas traditions? In the comment section below I would love to hear what you do every year to celebrate the Saviors birth!

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