Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Family Meals

Growing up eating together as a family was very important.  I remember my parents waiting patiently for my sister and I to get home from basketball practice so we could all eat together.  

It was a great time to talk with each other and—more importantly—listen to each other.  We may talk about our day or even learn something from a situation that came up. It was also a fun time to hear stories from their childhoods.  For my sister and I, it was always our goal to make our Mom cry because she was laughing so hard from telling a silly story.

 My Mom is a wonderful cook and she took the time to prepare nutritious meals for us to enjoy. I learned that it was important to eat your veggies.  I am not picky about vegetables so she did a good job! My Dad loved to bake bread, so he taught us about grains.  Fresh baked bread is still one of my favorites.

I think the most important part of eating together as a family is the sense of belonging.  The feeling of unity as a group of people that belong together for a specific purpose. I knew that no matter what happened at school I had a family that loved me no matter what. 

Phil and I have made meal time an important part of our day.  We talk about what is going on but mostly Phil makes us laugh.  I try to make a nutritious meal. And at the end of dinner we have a short Bible Study. It is so nice to slow down and just sit and talk and enjoy our time together as a family.

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