Friday, January 3, 2014

Heart rate training range

For Christmas this year I received a heart rate monitor. I am so excited. I love it. BUT now I know how hard I am NOT working and had to increase my intensity to stay in my training zone. If you don't have a heart rate monitor I would suggest buying one or borrowing mine. It has been very eye opening.

Have you ever wondered what your heart rate should be while exercising? Here is one method of figuring that range. 

For example:

Heather is 20 year old. She desires to get burn fat in her workouts. In order for Heather to achieve her goal she will need to keep her heart rate between 120—140.


           - 20 Heather’s age

          200 max heart rate

          X60– 70%

         120-140   heart rate training range

The heart rate 60-70 % range is meant for general fitness, weight loss and beginning athletes. Your goals should be to improve general fitness while training the body to be more efficient at burning calories. These goals can be met to varying degrees through a broad range of training intensities.

Exercising at the lower end of the heart rate range will increase health benefits with less risk of injury or over training. Training at the high end of this range will produce more fitness and performance improvements, but with greater risk of injury and over training. Higher intensities are not recommended for novice fitness enthusiasts.

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