Saturday, February 1, 2014

Phil's BRONCO Beard

How's this for Bronco's spirit?
Phil quit shaving at the beginning of the season to cheer the Broncos into the playoffs.  Johannes loves bright hair colors and dyed it orange and blue this week to root for a Colorado Super Bowl Championship!

Before dying his beard.
Bleached lion.

Starting on the orange.
Madam Blueberry's hand!
Even the news channels enjoyed Phil's beard. Maybe we should invite them over to watch the big game!
Channel 13

Phil wanted the Broncos to win.

So he grew out the hair on his chin.

It blazed with orange and blues,

And even made the news.

He cheers for his team with a grin.

Channel 11

Channel 5


  1. So fun! Thanks for posting all these! I especially enjoyed the news clips!

    1. Take a look at the beard coming off....