Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Alton Brown Live!

My cheeks hurt from laughing! Alton Brown Live is so much fun!

My sister MeLissa, Mom, and me!

 For Christmas my sister MeLissa bought my Mom and I tickets to Alton Brown Live! We saw the Edible Inevitable Tour. 

Alton Brown did two experiments. He made carbonated ice cream in 10 seconds and also baked pizza under theater lights.

Here are 10 things he is pretty sure that he is sure about:
1-Chickens do not have fingers.
2-The most cruicial cooking skill is salt.
3- Trout does not belong in ice cream.
4-The best cook is....your wife.
5-The best ingredient to learn to cook with is....eggs.
6-The most important tool in the kitchen is....the kitchen table. 
(Without a place to break bread, its is all a bunch of poop in 12 hours!)
7-Wash mushrooms.
8-Eat American!
9-Raisins are always optional.
10-Never ever eat shrimp cocktail at an airport.

He also entertained us with his musical talents.

If you ever have the opportunity to go, I would recommend it as a date night (and maybe for older kids). Lots of laughing! He's quite the musician too (guitar, vocals, saxophone). He said that this show is his opportunity to talk about stuff he can't discuss on TV and also do experiments that should not be tried at home. An overall great time! --MeLissa Houdmann

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