Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Purse Essentials

What do you keep in your purse?

Christy- Cheerios, crayons, coloring books... I sometimes remember my wallet. 

Anita- I took my mini Gerber & pepper spray out because I am always afraid I will forget they are in there at the airport. Had to give one up before! 
Julie– I kept an extra pair of Jacqueline's underwear in my purse when she was potty-training---for real.
Abi- My purse at the moment doubles as a diaper bag... But I always make sure I have my wallet, phone, and keys.... Everything else belongs to my kids.

Mindy- Have to have my CPR mask and mini first aid kit (must be the nurse in me)! 

Jamie- Most important thing in my purse: mini, pink Swiss Army knife. Used it to remove stitches once!  

Kristin-Always have my wallet, phone, keys. Like to have gum, lip stuff, diapers/wipes, water bottle, some kind of snack (I KNOW you agree :P), hair ties/bobby pins. Weirdest thing I've found.. sippy cup that turned into some kind of yogurt NASTYINESS. Sometimes I change purses in the winter or when it's rainy so no moisture gets inside, or if I need a strap that stays on better when I'm wearing a bulky coat

Melissa- I have one that I use all the time. I do have a few backups but I'm too lazy to switch except for VERY special occasions (read that as - my own wedding). 
Tom- A friend of mine gave a speech at the Republican district convention one time. She started her speech by saying, "In my purse are three things I never leave home without, my Bible, a copy of the Constitution, and my gun." That tells you most everything you need to know about her.

BTW, She won the position she was running for.
 Erica- The other day I wondered why my purse was so heavy and found, among other things, a kitchen spoon and a screwdriver.
Brenda- Buy one good leather purse at a time until it wears out. I always have dog treats for my furry kids!

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