Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Jamberry Nails

So my friend Lori asked me try out Jamberry Nails. She sent me a free sample so I gave it a try.

My story- I have a really bad habit of picking at my nails. You will notice the top right picture shows that the last two nails on both of my hands are really short. I am embarrassed by this habit and always try to cover them up. I have tried fake nails but they seem to just make my nails peel and turn really gross.

I have heard a lot about Jamberry Nails and have been wanting to try them out. I read the instructions that Lori gave me and also watched a video demonstration. It was pretty simple to do. They looked really nice on. I was impressed.

The ones that were on my tiny fingernails did not stay on as long at the full length nails. I was ok with that. They looked nice and I would use them again instead of fake fingernails.

If you would like to try a free sample click (here).

If you have questions email my friend Lori @

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  1. MeLinda, I am so glad you tried Jamberry! I am Lori, an Independent Consultant for Jamberry Nails. I know MeLinda from spending many summers while growing up @ RRBC. Those camps at summer are still some of my favorite memories. I live in Missouri (Kansas City side) with my husband, Steve, my daughter, Kennedy, and my son, Grant. I am a kindergarten teacher. Steve works for the MO Department of Conservation. Kennedy is a sixth grader, plays the piano and softball. Grant is a fourth grader and plays competetive soccer.
    I began this journey with Jamberry after trying my own sample. I'd never been to a party or even hosted one...I knew I wanted to share this product with others. I LOVE it! I don't have time to sit for my nails to dry and I need them to last longer than 3 days :) Can you relate?
    I belong to an awesome team that is supportive and sharing! They are so great to newcomers! I love helping my hostesses get lots of free products. When I hosted a recent open house, I got 18 free nail wrap sheets...that's enough for 36 manicures, 36 pedicures, and 72 extra accent nails :) WOW! Send me a msg if you'd like to try Jamberry too....use it, party with it, or sell it :)